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How to Construct a 3D Bench

By Mohamed Zaki

In this tip of the month, we will see how to construct 3D Benches using polyline contours. This will allow you to easily design blast patterns for a specific area. To do so:   

  1. Draw the polyline contours of each bench. Each bench will have 2 polylines; one representing the bench and the other for the toe.  
  1. From the 3D Bench module in the Modeling category, use the “Draw Surface” (3DBS) command to draw a surface for each polyline contour.  
  • Select the target.  
  • You may select elevation points using the options “Layer” or “Objects” under Elevation points. If not, select “Elevation” or “None” to insert a flat surface.  
  • Select the elevation method to be used when drawing a surface.  
  1. Perform the same operation on the Crest.  
  1. Use the “Construct Bench” (3DBC) command to construct a 3D bench between the surfaces.  
  1. Using the “Tonnage” (3DBT) command, calculate the total volume of the 3D bench by entering the density and a swell factor.  
  1. You may also manipulate this bench by cutting it into slices. Using the “Slice Solids” (PROMSLICE) command:  
  • Draw a closed polyline enclosing the area to be cut  
  • Select the command  
  • Select the 3D bench to be cut and hit Enter  
  • Select the polyline and hit Enter  


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