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PROMINE combines a highly usable AutoCAD integrated interface with powerful, industry-focused modules in the areas of: Teamwork, Modeling, Engineering and Geology supporting all aspects of the mining cycle from exploration to operation. Quickly create highly accurate drawings with ease for: resource estimation, definition and modelling, shaft sinking, drift and raise modelling and planning, ramp construction / excavation, stope design and sequencing, drill and blast planning, capturing and processing survey data, material handling, scheduling, backfill design, optimization, reporting and more.

Promine supports all mining methods such as: Open stope , Room and pillar, Cut and fill, Block caving, Long hole, Shrinkage stoping and Alimak Mining.

promine mine planning and geology software

Promine Essentials

An invaluable addition to your AutoCAD toolkit that will save you time by keeping your drawings updated. Create professional printing layouts with ease and cut sections with just a few clicks. The Promine essentials bundle aligns with the core of Promine’s mission and values, to make the execution of plans as smooth and as easy as possible for you.


All your 3D modeling needs come together to form a powerful tool for visualizing your mine layout. Promine’s modeling tools guide you step by step to create your 3D models with ease. With Promine’s modeling modules you can be confident that your models will be accurate and reliable.


The building block of successful mine planning. Import survey data to create as built 3D models using the modeling toolkit, plan out your drifts, ramps, raises, stope designs and drilling/blasting patterns then analyze patterns using the heat analysis tool to guarantee optimal rock breakage.


The starting point for any mining operation to take place is the exploration stage. Promine’s geology modules allow you to plan out channel sampling and diamond drill-hole programs, map out entire drilling databases and annotate drill holes with grades and lithologies. Color code for easy viewing and create block models according to your specifications then calculate mining blocks to build accurate reserve estimates.

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