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Create an Orebody and Optimize Stopes

By Mohamed Zaki

In this tip of the month, we will see how construct a 3D Model of an orebody from a block model and then perform stope optimization. This will allow to clearly view the high-grade zones and have an idea of where to advance the development. To do so:  


  1. Insert the Block Model in the drawing 
  1. Using the command “Cut 1 Section” (SEC1), cut 2 sections limiting the extend of the orebody longitudinally 
  1. In each section, draw a polyline contouring the high-grade blocks 
  1. Go back to Plan view and have only the sections turned on  
  1. Using the command “Construct 3D Model” (3DMD), construct a 3D Model by selecting both polylines from both sections. There are 3 options to do so, using the “Automatic” option will automatically connect both polylines based on the closest vertex.  
  1. Using the command “Compute Model” (STDM), calculate the total tonnage inside of the 3D Model and trim the blocks to the 3D Model by selecting the option “Keep trimmed blocks”; the program will insert a small report summarizing the total tonnage and average grade  
  1. Using the command “Stope layout optimization” (STDOPT), adjust the cost parameters and set a range for the stope height’ the program will optimize and insert the stopes based on the grades of the block model and the setup of the stop size. 


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