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Modeling Modules

All your 3D modeling needs come together to form a powerful tool for visualizing your mine layout. Promine’s modeling tools guide you step by step to create your 3D models with ease. With Promine’s modeling modules you can be confident that your models will be accurate and reliable.

3D Drift

Create as-built plans of all drifts swiftly with dated color coding as you receive your survey data from underground.

Promine 3d drift planning

Room & Pillars

Mine out horizontal orebodies with ease using our room and pillar modelling module, from creating the 3D orebody model to picking out your pillar areas then calculating volume and tonnages. This is the tool to have for room and pillar mining.

Promine room and pillar modeling


Calculate volumes and manipulate 3D models using commands such as union, intersection and subtraction as well as convert meshes from mesh to solid and vice versa.

Promine calculate volumes

3D Raise

Create a model of various raise types with your survey data. Compute volume and tonnage using our 3D raise modeling tool.

Promine 3D raise modeling


A powerful tool to triangulate and manipulate 3D surfaces using face rotations, line or point additions and color coding according to elevations.

Promine surface modeling

3D Model

The perfect tool to model stopes, geological models, faults and other 3D objects from polylines.

Promine 3D geological modeling

3D Bench

Build top and bottom surfaces then create benches according to your specifications and gain accurate volume and tonnage calculations.

Promine 3d bench modeling