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Mining Ventures in Mexico | Episode 4

By Mohamed Zaki

The Mining Experience is a live podcast that invites professionals from the mining industry to discuss new technologies, address challenges, and share work experiences. 


Canadian mining companies play a huge role in the exploration phase in Mexico, which contributes to the overall economy. In this episode, experts discuss the different factors that affect mining investment and their implications in the mining industry in Mexico. 

We have the honor to host a special guest: 

Jesús Castro Mora; Geologist Engineer from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) with over 30 years of experience in exploration (mapping), evaluation, and prospecting of mineral deposits all over Mexico. To date, he completed postgraduate studies from the Geophysics Institute of the UNAM, research thesis in process related with the linkage between porphyry and epithermal systems and is officially PhD Candidate. 


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