Women in Mining

Promine celebrates International Women’s Day in commemoration of the struggle for equal rights and opportunities for women in the mining industry.

The Role of Women in Mining

For centuries, women have fought for equal rights and to close the gender gap that creates social and economic inequalities. International Women’s Day gives us the opportunity to raise awareness of the main issues we are fighting for:

• Equal pay 

• Access to education and healthcare 

• Fight against gender-based violence and discrimination.

The implementation of the UN gender equality goal can contribute to a more inclusive and equitable work culture in the mining industry, promoting the economic empowerment and independence of women workers in this industry.

The Importance of Equality in the Mining Industry

A female miner is any worker involved in mining operations, whether in the extraction, processing, transportation or management of mineral resources. Although historically the mining industry has been dominated by men, there are an increasing number of women working in this sector.Despite the challenges they constantly face in this sector, women have proven to be just as capable as their male colleagues, contributing to the growth and development of the mining industry. More and more mining companies are recognizing the importance of gender diversity and striving to create an inclusive work environment for all people working in the sector.

According to PwC and Women in Mining in the UK, mining companies with greater gender equality are 49% more profitable and 83% more innovative.

Women in


At Promine, we value all our employees for their hard work and their ability to face unique challenges on a daily basis. We want to highlight their contribution to the industry, so we are constantly working to create an inclusive and equitable environment. We believe that bringing women into the mining industry generates more creative solutions, and we have seen how their contributions have helped us innovate in all areas of our business.


Change and Improvement in the Industry

Creating gender equality policies.
Promoting diversity.
Providing training and education.
Encouraging female leadership.
Raising awareness in society to create a culture of respect and gender equity.

Important Women in the Industry Throughout History

These women are just a few of the many who have had a significant impact on the mining industry. Their contributions and achievements are a testament to the importance of gender equality and inclusion in the mining industry.

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Women in Mining

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March 22nd, 2023

International Women's Day is an opportunity to remember the importance of gender equality and the need to continue working together to achieve it. It is a time to recognize the contributions and achievements of women in all areas of life, and to inspire and empower women to continue fighting for their rights and freedoms.