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Modeling Underground Mines


Modeling Underground Mines

In the current era of technological advancement and environmental protection, the need to redefine the way of extracting minerals from the Earth is constantly evolving. In a mining operation, many changes constantly happen that affect the status of the mine. These complex adjustments of the mine need to be modeled to get a clear image of the production status of the mine and to improve decision making. 

Some factors that affect an underground mining operation include: 

Drift Development & Support


Stope Extraction


These factors impact mine production and safety. 3D digital representations of the underground environment enable mines to navigate these complexities and make informed decisions. 3D modeling also enable engineers, surveyors and geologists to identify potential challenges or bottlenecks before development begins, leading to improved efficiency and cost-effectiveness throughout the mining operation. 

Computer-aided design modeling for underground mining

Through the application of sophisticated computer-aided design (CAD) software, we create detailed 3D models of underground structures such as drifts, raises, and other workings. These models provide an accurate representation of the mine layout and facilitate better decision-making in terms of design, equipment placement, and resource allocation. Consequently, better cost analysis can be done to determine the NPV.
Promine offers advanced CAD tools for this type of modeling, where the user can model drifts, raises, stopes, and other 3D models of underground structures useful for mining operation. All these 3D representations give the user and the team members a clear idea of the progress of the underground developments and important data on the total tonnage and grades.
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Why use mining
tools in CAD?

Learn and use CAD tools quickly and easily. CAD modeling is by far one of the easiest ways to learn and use when it comes to 3D modeling. It works with meshes and solids to accurately represent the type of object you are modeling. 

Work with other team members on the same drawings worry-free of overwriting. Multiple users can view the same drawing but only 1 can edit at a time using our drawing management module. 

With CAD, easily visualize developments in multiple types of views, whether its in wireframe mode or a realistic view. Multiple views always to quickly assess the quality of the design while ensuring the integrity of the modeling. 

Our Related


Drift Design Module

Design drifts and ramps in 2D and 3D and insert annotations for the elevations and grades quickly communicate details about the development. Unfold the section to get a det detailed analysis of the inserted station blocks and elevations, allowing for a comprehensive view of the design. This process ensures an informed and efficient development approach with all necessary information. 

Underground drifts and raises in 3D

Stope Design Module

By leveraging CAD tools, engineers and geologists can create highly accurate and detailed representations of stopes in three-dimensional space. This enables them to visualize and analyze various design scenarios, tonnages, grades, and optimizing factors such as stope dimensions, access points, and support structures. 

Ore and waste report of a 3D stope surrounded by a block model

Event of the Month


Modeling Underground Mines

Visualizing underground developments in 3D provides insights on design quality, tonnage, and costs for better decision-making. In this Promine course, we will learn how to model an underground mine in CAD. 


6:00 PM Lagos
7:00 PM Johannesburg
1:00 PM ET
11:00 AM MST
10:00 AM PT


June 19th, 2023


Modeling Underground Mines

Mine planning and 3D modeling are the basis of any important decision-making in a mining operation. Detailed scheduling and a good visualization of the overall mine design helps engineers put a plan of action to successfully extract minerals from the Earth while being cost-effective in an environmentally friendly way.


3:00 PM GMT+2
9:00 AM ET
7:00 AM MST
6:00 AM PT


June 20th, 2023