Mining Program

Mine Planning

Mining planning is the path that paves the way for success in resource extraction, ensuring efficiency,
sustainability, and profitability at every step.

Importance of Mine Planning

Maximizing economic performance: By taking into account factors such as operating costs, market demand and variability of mineral prices, the economic performance of the project can be optimized.
Minimizing environmental impact: Mine planning also takes into account the effects of the project on the environment. Potential negative impacts are assessed and measures are sought to minimize them. This may include the implementation of more sustainable mining technologies, preservation of protected areas and reclamation of affected land.
Improving occupational health and safety: Mine planning can also improve the occupational health and safety of workers. Potential risks can be identified and control and prevention measures can be implemented.
Compliance with regulations and laws: Mine planning is important to comply with local and international regulations and laws governing mining activity. This includes obtaining permits and licenses, as well as complying with safety and environmental standards.

Mine Planning


Mine planning is a critical stage in the process of exploitation of mineral resources. It is a fundamental activity that is carried out before and during the exploitation of minerals, from the beginning of any mining operation, and its main objective is to determine the economic and environmental viability of the project.



  1. Insert a drift, task, mining block or dates in the drawing and edit its properties.

  2. Set the progress of a mining planning object.

  3. Create reports and graphs from selected objects in the drawing.

  4. Optimize a collection of mine planning objects in a Gantt chart.

  5. Edit properties of diversions, tasks or batch mining blocks.

Benefits of Using


Using Promine for mine planning can provide multiple benefits, such as increased process accuracy and efficiency, 3D simulations, integration with other tools, improved safety and reduced costs.

Our software uses advanced algorithms and accurate geological models to determine the location and quantity of available ore. This reduces the need for manual work and improves the accuracy of the planning process.

View your mine operations in 3D, which helps to visualize the process and detect potential problems or difficulties. This allows mine planners to make informed decisions and improve mine plan design.

Promine can also integrate with other tools and technologies, such as drones and laser scanning, allowing additional information about the deposit to be obtained and improving the accuracy of the plan.

By enabling simulation and planning of mining operations, they can also help improve the safety of the operation. Planners can anticipate potential risks and design safer work plans. 

Reduce costs by improving process accuracy and efficiency by avoiding errors in the planning and execution of the mining operation.  

Event of the Month


Mine Planning

This course is designed to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of the key tools and functionalities of our mining software, with a special focus on mine planning.


1:00 PM ET / 11:00 AM MST
10:00 AM PT
7:00 PM Johannesburg
6:00 PM Lagos


May 23rd, 2023