In this Tip Of The Month, we will create a 3D drift and schedule its advance rate with colors. To do so:

  1. Create 3 layers for the Centerline, 2D drift walls and 3D drift.
  2. On the Cenerline layer, create two intersecting centerlines using the Draw Center Line (PLDT) command from theDrift Design module
  3. Adjust the elevations and slopes of the centerlines using the command Edit Elevations (PLDT)
  4. Using PLDT, specify an advance rate and assign a date for the first drawn centerline
  5. Using PLDT, specify an advance rate for the intersecting centerline
  6. Using PLDT, choose the option “pick” to retrieve the intersecting date from the first drawn centerline
  7. On the 2D drift walls layer, use the command PLWA to draw the 2D wall contours of the centerlines
  8. Use the command TRIM to cut off the parts of the 2D walls inside the drift
  9. Use the command Date Colors (PLAL) to display the schedule of the advance rate of the centerlines with colors
  10. Click on the command Construct 3D Model (PL3D) and choose the centerlines, then hit Enter
  11. In the PL3D window, configure the shape of the drift and assign it to the 3D drift layer
  12. In the PL3D window, make sure to choose the options “Divide Model per Month” and “Use Month Colors”, then click OK
  13. Switch to realistic mode for better visualization
  14. In Essentials > Promine tools, insert a legend using the command Insert Legend (PROMLEG)
  15. You can customize your own legend in Promine Options > Colors Legend. Then, go back to PROMLEG to insert your customized legend


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