Live Survey





Efficiently update your mine workings through survey data

Set up. Connect. Get results insantly.

Reduce the gap between the underground mine development sequential tasks rendering your mine development cycle more efficient.

Establish quickly a Bluetooth connection to a Leica instrument to control the station freely using a tablet with Promine commands.

Measure and view the overbreak and underbreak of a face. Insert the calculation directly in the drawing.

Experience the robust and powerful tool of live surveying by automatically surveying underground openings using only a center line.

Show the drilling guidelines to accurately direct the next round of blasting round.

Resection the instrument with two prisms in just a few clicks. Quickly load the settings to take off from the last saved resection preferences and update the drawing with the most up-to-date data.

Enhance your mining & geology operations today with Promine!

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Live Survey

Move easily to the next blasting round and mark the drifts contour using accurate survey data from a tablet.

Basic Survey

A powerful tool to triangulate and manipulate 3D surfaces using face rotations, line or point additions and color coding according to elevations.

Advance Survey

Create a model of various raise types with your survey data. Compute volume and tonnage using our 3D raise modeling tool.

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