Solutions for geologists

The key to succesful mine planning starts at the exploration phase. Progeox’s geology modules allow you to plan out channel sampling and diamond drill-hole programs, map out entire drilling databases, annotate drill holes with grade lithologies and color code for easy viewing. 
Create geostatistical
from samples and block models.
Create block
models from composites
and perform resource estimation.
Accurate Reserve Estimates
Provide a better control of the geological information.
Plan and insert a diamond drillling campaign
and enter the data of coordinates, azimuth, inclination and length.
Import hole data stored into a drawing
from an ODBC and edit them in 3D.
Create an Implicit Model
of a lithology and model a surface of a property.

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Hole Planning

Create robust drilling plans with adjustments for hole deviations and end of hole predictions. Issue customizable reports showing Hole IDs, length, diameter, hole type and other relevant information.

DDH & Channel Sampling

Insert Diamond Drill Holes and Channel data into drawings. Annotate, create weighted averages and composite grades along holes for accurate block modeling and resource calculations.

Block Modeling

Create accurate block models from drill holes or import your block model in any industry standard file formats then carry out various resource calculations.


A great tool for assessing resources, it can be used throughout exploration, development and operations. This module uses industry standard Kriging methodologies to model geometry-grade relations and estimate reserves.


Performs conventional resource estimation from various methods based on the geometry of the mineralization. Provides tonnage, grade, dilution and thickness calculations.


Generate high-quality custom base maps from any properties, multi-attribute symbology, and accurate labeling. Several different map types can be created, modified, and displayed with powerful contouring, gridding, and surfaces.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Analyze geological data by means of univariate and multivariate analysis as well as generate grade tonnage curves from orebody models.