Create Smooth and Easy Plans

Create professional printing layouts with ease and cut sections with just a few clicks. An invaluable addition to your AutoCAD toolkit that will save you time by keeping your drawings updated

Allow write and drawing management for different user groups.

Enable continuous updating of drawings to keep your mine information up-to-date.

Import a wide variety of data from files from other software packages.

Cut sections on blocks and other objects in just a few clicks.

Cut sections on blocks and other objects in just a few clicks

Manage the general configuration and preferences such as grades, lithology, etc. according to your mining operations needs.

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Essentials Modules

Discover the Essentials modules to help you improve your day-to-day operations 


With this simple collaboration tool, users can manage layer permissions as well as keep drawings organized and up to date while avoiding conflicting copies of common work.

Promine Tools

Configure your basic Promine settings, convert polylines from 3D to 2D and vice versa. Finally, return to plan with one simple click.


The fastest and most intuitive section cutting module on the market. Easily cut one or multiple sections in just a few seconds.


Connect with other mining software using the interface tool which allows you to export individual files or entire directories into DXF format. Easily import block models to use with other Promine modules.


Create professional coordinate grids and simplify complex printing layouts in just a few clicks. Easily manage scales, title blocks and plotting settings. One of Promine’s most valuable modules.


Store and share all commonly used symbols easily in the library module in order to annotate maps and drawings following industry standard codes.

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