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Promine in Ecuador !!!

Posted by Promine on August 7, 2018

On July 24th, La Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja - UTPL and Promine signed an Academic Licensing Program agreement, in which students and teachers will have access to Promine, a mining software integrated with AutoCAD. The software will be used in various mining and geology classes in the University. UTPL is the first University in Ecuador to use Promine as an academic tool. We hope that our relationship will continue to strengthen in the future with new alliances that benefit the mining industry in the region.

IMG-20180724-WA0033-1 Promine team and Representatives of UTPL signing the agreement

After signing the agreement, Promine specialized workshop "Geological Modeling and Design of underground mine with Promine", for professionals and consultants dedicated to mining and geology. The event was held at UTPL and presented by Ing. Msc Geologist Carlos Freile, and Ing. Msc Geologist Paola Reyes, Promine specialists.


 Academics of the UTPL, entrepreneurs and professionals graduated from the UTPL who attended the workshop and the Promine team

On July 26, we repeated the event in the city of Guayaquil at the Palace Hotel having the pleasure of meeting senior officials of the Mining Regulation and Control Agency, businessmen and industry professionals from that region.


We want to thank all those who attended the events and a special thanks to UTPL for their warm hospitality.

If you require more information about our modules, please contact us at info@promine.com

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