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Promine AutoCAD Tip of the Week

Promine AutoCAD Tip of the Week: Updating AutoCAD Blocks

Posted by Eva Dierkes on Jan 28, 2019 1:52:53 PM

This week we are covering on how to batch change the attributes inside of AutoCAD blocks via Excel. This can be useful if you want to change a naming convention inside of the blocks (for example a numbering system) or to update information that was missing but is the same in all blocks.

Video Tutorial

Step By Step

1.Select the blocks that require the update in your drawing.

2.Use the ATTOUT command to export the attributes of the blocks.

3.Import that .txt file into Excel.

4.Modify the needed information.

5.Save as ‘tab delimited txt file’ – remember that hidden columns will not show up in this file.

6.In your drawing use the ATTIN command to import the changed .txt file.

7.Observe how the blocks get updated.


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