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Promine AutoCAD Tip of the Week

Promine AutoCAD Tip of the Week: SECU & GRD Commands

Posted by Carlos Freile on Jan 14, 2019 11:49:28 AM

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In this tutorial, we will learn  how to create a layout with plan and section views by using the GRID module. This makes it easy to visualize both views in the same layout.

Video Tutorial

Step By Step

1.First, after creating a section, select the SECU command (UCS on section) from the section module. Then, select the line representing the section in the drawing. Ensure you are in plan view.

2.Go to section view and create a layout by selecting  the GRD command (create layout).

3.Select the printer, paper size, and scale

4.Select the position where the plan view is going to be inserted (Bottom or top).

5.Select the view width in percentage for the plan view. We suggest 50% to keep same proportion.

6.Click continue and insert the name of the layout.


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