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Promine AutoCAD Tip of the Week

Promine AutoCAD Tip of the Week: Mining Blocks Annotation

Posted by Carlos Freile on Apr 8, 2019 9:22:11 AM

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In this week’s Tip Of The Week, we will be going to cover how to annotate blocks for a drift and blast design using  the section and stope design modules. This helps to visualize mineral information.

Video Tutorial

Step By Step

1.Select the command ‘’Cut many sections’’ (SECM)

2.Define the fields From, To, Step and the spacing between sections

3.Select the option ‘’Looking west” and define the starting coordinate

4.Click Ok and the program will cut the sections

5.Select the command “Select section’’ (SECS) and select one section to design the drill and blast contour

6.Select the command ‘’Annotate blocks’’ (STDA) and select the blocks to be annotated



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