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Promine AutoCAD Tip of the Week

Promine AutoCAD Tip of the Week: How to configure a DB in DDH

Posted by Paola Reyes on May 6, 2019 2:32:04 PM

This week, we will see how to configure a database to insert Diamond Drillholes in the DDH module. Promine can read data in SQL, Access and other server database systems.

Video Tutorial

Step By Step

1.Create a new project

2.Check and make sure the .net version is enabled

3.Click on management, select your database provider, type in the name of your server, the database name and enter your user name and password if necessary

4.Once connected, you will see either a path or the name of the server displayed. Associate the right column with the right field

5.Once done, you can save your file and proceed to insert the holes using the insert holes command. You can check the connection to the database by clicking on the insert holes command and selecting the “select holes” option


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