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Promine AutoCAD Tip of the Week

Promine AutoCAD Tip of the Week: Convert MESH to SOLID

Posted by Paola Reyes on Oct 29, 2018 1:58:15 PM

This week for the tip of the week will see how to convert meshes to solids. This is very useful when you want to save your drawings as dxf and import it into another software. You can either use the Promine command “mesh to solid – PROMMTS” or the AutoCAD© command “CONVTOSOLID”.

Video Tutorial


In case there is a message in the command line saying that the mesh is not closed or it self-intersects and it cannot be closed with the commands of Promine and AutoCAD©, it can be converted to a surface with “CONVTOSURFACE”, then back into a mesh with “MESHSMOOTH” to be finally converted into a 3D solid using the commands described above.



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