Promine AutoCAD Tip of the Week:

This week we cover the command GEOGRAPHICLOCATION. This is a useful command that allows the insertion of an image from an online map into the AutoCAD drawing. With this the satellite image of the area of a planned construction site can be directly inserted into the AutoCAD drawing. This increases the visualization of a project and can make it easier to explain the next phase of an expansion project.

Step By Step

1.Ensure you are logged into the AutoCAD 360 account

2.Use the Geographiclocation command

3.Select a part of the map either by zooming directly or by typing the address

4.Right click on the map to set the marker to the desired position

5.Select Next and select a UCS system to use.

6.Select where in the drawing the point of the online map should be connected to

7.The whole online map for the area is now inserted into the drawing

8.To allow saving of this view a map image has to be taken with the ‘Capture Area’ option in the Geolocation ribbon

9.Just select the desired size of the image and then turn of the rest of the geolocation map

10.The image is automatically inserted and can now be saved and printed.

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