La Minería y la Incertidumbre 

La Minería y la Incertidumbre  La minería es una industria que combina muchas disciplinas en busca de un objetivo primordial: la extracción de los recursos minerales de forma económicamente rentable, ambiental y socialmente sostenible. Muchos son los riesgos asociados...

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Import a SHP File

Promine AutoCAD Tip of the Week: Import a SHP FileThis week for the tip of the week we will see how import a SHP file using Promine. This feature allows the user to import all objects contained in the file that are helpful for their work. If the objects are on 3D they...

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Promine AutoCAD Tip of the Week:GEOGRAPHICLOCATIONThis week we cover the command GEOGRAPHICLOCATION. This is a useful command that allows the insertion of an image from an online map into the AutoCAD drawing. With this the satellite image of the area of a planned...

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Promine AutoCAD Tip of the Week:
3D Contour

This command allows to create an iso-contour based on grade values. To use the command:

1.Have a block model ready in a drawing

2.Type in the command STDGC

3.Select the block model and hit Enter

4.Choose the type of mineral as a color code from “Grade”

5.Enter the minimum grade value to be considered in the 3D model in “Value”

6.Enter the block model’s block sizes and click OK

7.The 3D model will be generated. Choose to close the mesh by typing in the command PROMCH, selecting the 3D model and hitting Enter.

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