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Promine is an AutoCAD-integrated geological modeling and mine planning software. Promine gives mining engineers, geologists, and mine consultants a simpler and smarter mining experience.


Welcome To Promine

When it comes to design and execution, Promine's mine planning software enables users to collaborate with various teams on the most up-to-date information available. Mining engineers, geologists, and mine consultants can choose specific Promine mining and geology tools that fit their needs for flexibility and efficiency to be able to tackle the challenges of evolving mine sites.

Unlock Promine’s Full Potential

From geological mapping, reserve estimation and resource modeling, to development planning, surveying, and creating drill and blast design, Promine will help you plan and execute your mining projects seamlessly.

Promine’s robust user-friendly interface integrates seamlessly with AutoCAD. Our mine planning software was built on industry standards aimed to assist geologists, engineers, and miners conduct day to day operations successfully and with ease. Mining and geology companies using Promine benefit from efficient workflow, quick results and effective collaboration between departments. Promine covers every aspect of mining operations, from exploration to mine development, mining production, project execution, and archiving. Our innovative solutions ensure that our users are able to spend ample time on project development and not on having to learn a complicated software.

Mining Tools

Indispensable Mining Tools

Promine’s sophisticated geological and mining platform goes beyond drafting and 3D modeling with AutoCAD. With our advanced mining tools and modules, Promine users can conduct activity-based scheduling, collaborate across different platforms with ease, control user access, publish standardize documents and more, all with a user-friendly interface.



Promine’s teamwork modules come with indispensable geological mining software tools.

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Mapping block models and creating accurate mining plans are essential for any geological mining project.

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Implement mining engineering tasks seamlessly with Promine's robust mine engineering interface modules.

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Create and organize accurate geological models with ease using Promine's user-friendly geology tools.

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