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The Most Flexible, Affordable and Easy to use AutoCAD Mining Software.
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Promine’s teamwork modules come with indispensable geological mining software tools.


Mapping block models and creating accurate mining plans are essential for any geological mining project.


Implement mining engineering tasks seamlessly with Promine's robust mine engineering interface modules.


Create and organize accurate geological models with ease using Promine's user-friendly geology tools.

Unlock Promine’s Full Potential

From geological mapping, reserve estimation and resource modeling, to development planning, surveying, and creating drill and blast design, Promine will help you plan and execute your mining projects seamlessly.

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Indispensable Mining Features

  • Conduct activity-based scheduling
  • Publish standardized documents
  • Integrates seamlessly with AutoCAD
  • Collaborate across different platforms
  • Control user access
  • All with a user-friendly interface

Mining Tools

How Does Promine Work?

PROMINE combines a highly usable AutoCAD integrated interface with powerful, industry-focused modules in the areas of: Teamwork, Modeling, Engineering and Geology supporting all aspects of the mining cycle from exploration to operation. Quickly create highly accurate drawings with ease for: resource estimation, definition and modelling, shaft sinking, drift and raise modelling and planning, ramp construction / excavation, stope design and sequencing, drill and blast planning, capturing and processing survey data, material handling, scheduling, backfill design, optimization, reporting and more.

Promine supports all mining methods such as: Open stope , Room and pillar, Cut and fill, Block caving, Long hole, Shrinkage stoping and Alimak Mining.

Find out at what PROMINE can do for you or request a demo version at info@promine.com

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